School Sponsorship

One of the biggest initiatives Won By One To Jamaica has undertaken is our School Sponsorship Program. Although school in Jamaica is free, the associative costs including transportation to and from school, lunch, uniforms and shoes, books, and supplies can be prohibitive.

In a community like Harmons, many parents are forced to make the decision whether to put food on the table that evening or send their child to school. WBOTJ acknowledges that education is essential in breaking the cycle of poverty and our Sponsors play a huge role in our effort to achieve this.

Would you consider sponsoring a child

What to Expect

As a Sponsor, you will receive grade reports and a hand-written letter 1-2 times per year. If you travel to Harmons, we do our best to set up a face-to-face meeting with your student.

Cost of Sponsorship.*

Preschool: $25/month
Elementary: $40/month
High School: $100/month
College: $150/month

These fees help equip the student with the basic and minimum supplies necessary for school. Jamaican public schools require uniforms and proper shoes as well as a backpack, books, and lunch and snack money. The above amounts also reflect the varying distances the students must travel for school as the closest high school is seven miles away.

*Entire contribution is tax deductible

How to Become a

You can select a child from our Eligible Students on the grade level pages below and start sponsoring them right away!

If you have questions or would like more information, Contact Us:

Change Someone’s Story!

As a Sponsor, you are coming alongside the big dreams of these students and their parents. You are helping to remove the barriers of poverty and encouraging families to live vibrant, flourishing lives.

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