Won By One To Jamaica

Exists to glorify God and make disciples by empowering lives.

WBOTJ’s ministry is an ongoing effort and partnership to see the Harmons Valley thrive and flourish.

Life Change

Throughout the year, teams come from all over the US to spend a week living in and working alongside the community, not just building homes but also life long relationships. Thanks to those who give financially each month, WBOTJ is able to offer support, training and discipleship even when US teams are not present in our continuous effort to empower the people of Harmons.

Empowerment Initiatives.

Won By One To Jamaica empowers individuals by fostering genuine connections and providing valuable resources through education, medical, economic, and spiritual initiatives. By combining compassion and support, we enhance lives through authentic relationships that strive to uplift and empower individuals to achieve their full potential.

School Sponsorship

One of the biggest initiatives Won By One To Jamaica has undertaken is our School Sponsorship Program. Although school in Jamaica is free, the associative costs including transportation to and from school, lunch, uniforms and shoes, books, and supplies can be prohibitive.

In a community like Harmons, many parents are forced to make the decision whether to put food on the table that evening or send their child to school. WBOTJ acknowledges that education is essential in breaking the cycle of poverty and our Sponsors play a huge role in our effort to achieve this.

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