Our History


Won By One To Jamaica was founded in 1989 by Henry Shaffer who came to Jamaica to help with hurricane relief. He unequivocally states that God led him to the remote community of Harmons. Back in the early years, most people couldn’t have found Harmons if they had tried due to the nonexistence of passable roads. By simple word of mouth, and through friends joining them, Henry began to lead 2 groups per year to Harmons. Now WBOTJ welcomes over 850 volunteers from the United States each year. We believe that proximity provides the most lasting impact, so all of our volunteers live, eat, and sleep within the community they came to serve. The ministry desires to consistently show Jamaicans and Americans, through words and actions, that they are loved and that they have worth and value as ones who bear the image of God.

Meet Our Staff

Loyd Jackson
Executive Director

Loyd has dedicated his life to youth and ministry. He joined the WOBTJ staff in 2003 and loves investing in the small community of Harmons while still being able to connect with youth groups who come to serve. He and his wife, Candy, as well as their children and grandchildren live in Kansas City.

Bryan Fellers

Executive Director
Bryan joined the WBOTJ staff in 2013 after serving as a youth and senior pastor for 30 years. He is passionate about building community and equipping people to serve. He currently lives in Texas with his wife, Beth and they recently welcomed their second grandchild.



Wendy Hall

Communications Director
Wendy’s heart for Jamaica and its people began in college and has since been passed on to her two teenage children. Personally leading dozens of mission trips with her husband, Steve, allows her to deeply connect with group leaders coming to Harmons and help make their preparations effortless.

Beth Fellers

Medical Director
Beth joined our staff in 2018, but she has been volunteering with the ministry for many years. She has an extensive background in medical lab work and is excited to connect medical professionals with volunteer opportunities in Harmons. She and Bryan have two married, adult children.

Clinton O'Connor

Director of Economic Development and Staff Development
Clinton’s varied educational and professional background make him a huge asset to our staff. He holds three degrees, serves as Justice of the Peace, held a managerial position in a secular company, and has served as a pastor for 20+ years. He and his wife, Joan, live in Jamaica and have three children.



Blair Michael

Financial Director

Blair joined our staff in 2015 after coming on several week-long trips to Harmons. Blair’s degree and diverse background in business, as well as his passion and love for the people of Harmons, serve him well in this position. He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife, Karen, and has two children.



Emily Wages

Education Coordinator
Emily began volunteering on staff in 2017. With an affinity for children and a background in Early Childhood Education, she thoroughly enjoys working with the teachers and students in the community. She and her husband, Nick, live in Kansas City and delight in bringing friends and family to Harmons.



Paul Blake

Pastor of Grace Community Fellowship
Paul is originally from St. Mary Parish. Prior to joining our staff, he received a degree in Bible and Theology and a minor in Counseling. He enjoys reading and engaging his competitive spirit through playing games. Paul leads Sunday service, weekly small group Bible studies, and the youth group.  



Tyrone Gregory

Jamaican Financial Director
Tyrone has lived in Harmons his entire life, but has travelled as far as the US and Africa to spread the Gospel. His personality is engaging. He is very easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. He is active in his local church and is excited to be working for the Lord in this new capacity alongside his wife, Nichola.




Nichola Clarke-Gregory

School Sponsorship DIrector
Nichola was born and raised in Harmons. She is passionate about sharing the word of God with others and is very involved in her local church. As a trained Guidance Counselor, she enjoys leading and assisting families during the exciting, yet sometimes challenging, process of school sponsorship.


Brandon and Kendall Byrd

Spiritual Formation Associates
Brandon and Kendall have been involved with Won By One To Jamaica since 2011. They both attended California Baptist University and were married in 2017. The Byrds will be moving from California to live in Harmons full-time. They are excited to serve the ministry of WBOTJ in the area of Spiritual Formation and see what God has in store.


Henry and Linda Shaffer


Henry and Linda started Won By One To Jamaica. They have been involved in many different ministry and business ventures through the years, but their desire to see a vibrant Harmons Valley has never subsided and they remain invested in WBOTJ today. They currently own and operate a Bed and Breakfast in Pennsylvania.


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Our Beliefs

Statement of Faith 

We believe in the one true God who lives eternally in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
He created, sustains, rules, judges and redeems the people of the world made in His image yet corrupted by sin.
Through divine inspiration the written word of God, both the Old and New Testament,
gives us a fully trustworthy account for faith and conduct.
Jesus Christ, who was incarnated and born of the Virgin Mary, lived a truly human life yet without sin.
His atoning sacrifice of dying on the cross in our place reconciled us with God and defeated evil.
Only by God’s grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, can we, as sinners, be justified.
The Holy Spirit leads us to repentance and unites us with Christ through new birth.
The church, the entire body of all believers, is given life and gifts by the Spirit to worship God, proclaim the Gospel,
and promote justice and love until the personal and visible return of Jesus Christ
when all people will be raised to judgment and a new heaven and new earth will be established.



Core Values

Missional Living


We will live as a sent people.
We will be a movement not a building.
We will live our faith as a lifestyle.



We will always be rooted in the Harmons Valley.
We will partner with local organizations.
We will challenge the status quo.



We will bring the Gospel to life together.
We will prioritize people over projects.
We will serve together. 

Wholistic Approach

We will develop all aspects of a person’s life
​​​​​​​(spiritual, physical, emotional, economic).
We will not be satisfied with surface level engagement. We will build coalitions to solve our problems together.