Harmons Strong

Harmons Strong is an effort to sustainably fund the mission of Won By One To Jamaica in the Harmons Community. To be able to continue showing the love of Jesus Christ by providing opportunities through education, medical initiatives, discipleship, economic and leadership development for Jamaican lives to be empowered.

Why Harmons Strong?

For centuries people have rallied together to support and help one another, especially in times of need. As we all learned through the pandemic, things can change in a heartbeat and many non-profits did not survive.

By the grace of God, Won By One To Jamaica was extremely blessed to not be one of them. Even though we were unable to host teams for 26 months, our workers volunteered and built 34 homes. Why? Because the Jamaicans believe in our shared vision and mission! While American teams were not able to be there, our Jamaican friends rallied together.

Up through 2022, American Teams being in Harmons was one of the main sources of revenue we were able to provide. Learning and growing through the pandemic, Won By One To Jamaica recognizes that a steady revenue foundation is essential for ministry and support in Harmons to continue whether American teams are there or not. Now it is our turn to rally.

Together we are HARMONS STRONG

Empowering Lives.

Life and ministry in Harmons continues 365 days a year, even when American teams are not present. Won By One To Jamaica seeks to empower the Harmons Community to thrive and flourish.

Monthly Partnership.

Through your monthly partnership, you are helping to ensure the ongoing ministry and support in Harmons even when teams are not present.