Frequently Asked Questions

What is the trip price?

The 2018 trip price is $1,600 per team member and includes airfare up to $700 per person.

$100 per team member deposit due immediately
$800 per team member due 72 days before the trip departure
$700 per team member due 16 days before the trip departure

What does the trip price include?

Ground Transportation in Jamaica
Construction supplies
Wages paid to Jamaican workers
Hotel stay in Montego Bay
*Airfare is included up to $700.  

Price excludes: luggage fees, meals during travel days, and short-term mission insurance.

What is the refund policy?

$100 is non-refundable at time of commitment (a church can transfer this to the balance of their trip).

Once ticketing on a group reservation has occurred, the funds and the ticket are completely transferable to another person up until 72 hours before the trip.

If ticket was purchased individually or a replacement can’t be found, the airline ticket belongs to the passenger on the ticket, per airline restrictions. We hold any monies paid over the cost of the airfare for 18 months to be used as credit towards a future trip.

What documents do I need to travel to Jamaica?

U.S. citizens need only a valid U.S. Passport.  Non-U.S. citizens need a valid Passport from your country of birth and Jamaican Visa (if necessary from your country of birth).  For more information about U.S. passports, you can go to the U.S. State Department website.

Won By One To Jamaica also requires that each team members completes and notarizes a Participation Form which is distributed through the group leader.

Each participant must have a short-term mission insurance policy. The proof of that policy needs to be attached to the above-mentioned Participation Form. We recommend using to purchase a low-cost, comprehensive policy.

What is the minimum age allowed for a participant?

If it is a high-school-only trip, the student must be 13 by date of travel.

For a multi-generational trip, any child under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent. The parent must positively answer the question, “Do you believe your child is mature enough to go to a worksite without you and are you prepared for your child to go to a worksite without you?”

Even on a multi-generational trip, no child shall be permitted under the age of 10.

Won By One To Jamaica understands that parents want to expose their children to poverty at an early age. However, there is a big difference in being exposed to poverty and serving in poverty.

Are there any immunizations one needs before traveling to Jamaica?

Won By One To Jamaica requires that team members have up-to-date Tetanus.
Hepatitis "A" vaccination is recommended.

Where do teams go?

Harmons is a remote mountain village of 3,000 people in south central Jamaica. It is a three hour drive from Montego Bay and 45 minutes from Mandeville. At the end of the week, the team spends one night in the north coast city of Montego Bay before flying home.

Harmons is an impoverished community with around 75% unemployment. Because of expense and its remote location, education past the 8th grade is very difficult. Quality medical treatment is rare and money for basic needs (clothes, shoes, toiletries and home improvements) other than food is limited. One aim of Won By To Jamaica is to help alleviate some of the physical hardships the citizens of Harmons experience every day.

Where do teams stay?

When in Harmons the team stays in a Great House constructed in 2001 called the Harmony House. The Harmony House has a large thatch-covered meeting room, kitchen, two team dorm rooms, staff rooms, covered courtyard, deck, running water, toilets, showers, filtered water, and electricity.

When the team travels to Montego Bay on the return, they stay at Doctors Cave Beach Hotel.  The hotel has a pool and is across the street from a beautiful beach team members can access for a small fee.  

How are the teams transported in Jamaica?

Won By One To Jamaica owns and operates two 28-passenger coaster buses which serves to transport team members around the island. A dump truck and pick-up truck with trailer are also used to help move building materials and luggage.

Is it safe?

Safety is of the utmost importance to Won By One To Jamaica. Team members will always work and travel in groups. Rules of appropriate behavior are communicated to both Americans and Jamaicans. The Harmony House is a secure facility.  Doctors Cave Beach Hotel was selected with safety in mind.

What will the teams do during their trip?

Each day the team will split into work groups ranging from four to twenty people. Some of the projects you will work on are:

Construct houses
During the week one or two 12' by 15' houses will be constructed. Jobs include carrying marl, framing the foundation, mixing and pouring concrete, assembling the wall panels, applying concrete to the walls, installing windows and doors, attaching the metal roof, painting inside and out, and dedicating it to the new family.

Carry marl
Marl, or crushed limestone rock, is the basic ingredient for making concrete and needs to be carried in bags to future home work sites - usually uphill.

Sort and deliver supplies
The hundreds of pounds of clothes, medicine, school supplies and toiletries that each team brings need to be sorted and then placed in a store in the Harmony House, "Blessings In Store" where local families can shop for basic needs at very reasonable prices.

Repair homes
Most houses are in desperate need of repair. Walls need reinforcement; rusted zinc roof panels need replacement.

Assist school teachers
Two primary schools (1st - 8th grades) and two basic schools (3 - 5 years old) are within close proximity to the Harmony House. When school is in session, a couple of team members will have the opportunity to help the understaffed teachers with their classes or deliver school supplies.

What do we do on our trip to the infirmary?

The infirmary is where many elderly, physically challenged, and/or mentally challenged people who have no one to care for them live. It is known to local people as "The Poor House." Each week, teams visit the infirmary to shine some love and light to the people there. Simply by spending time with the residents, team members enrich the lives of these people God dearly loves. Team members use this time to love on these people by playing dominoes with them, rubbing their backs, painting fingernails, reading Scripture to them, and singing songs with them. Many people say it is the most challenging but yet most rewarding time of the week.

Do team members need to be in good shape?

This trip will require a great deal more walking and lifting than most Americans are normally used to and will be very physically exhausting. We encourage team members to do whatever they can to get in good cardiovascular condition (walking, running, etc.) before the trip.

What is the general spiritual background of Jamaica?

Jamaica has a strong religious history, boasting more churches per population than most other countries in the world as well as being home to hundreds of different denominations. Religious classes are even mandatory in all public schools from elementary to college. However, many Jamaican churches tend to be legalistic. One typically is not welcomed within the Church body without first 'cleaning up' their life.  Salvation can often be seen as conditional and is connected to whether one is successful in sin management. 

How does evangelism play out in this culture?

With the spiritual atmosphere mentioned above in mind, our ministry strives to build relationships with the people in the Harmons Valley.  Through discussions on work sites to time in the courtyard, we spend time getting to know Jamaicans and then using those relationships to share the free gift of Christ's salvation with them.  Because of our long-term commitment to the Harmons area, this style of evangelism is possible.

What happens in Montego Bay?

On Saturday, the team will leave the Harmony House and drive to Montego Bay on the northern coast of Jamaica. The team will check-in at Doctors Cave Beach Hotel. After some basic orientation, the afternoon is open for free-time activities such as lunch, shopping, or swimming in the crystal blue sea or the pool. The beach is beautiful - and it does have a fee for entrance ($6).  That evening, a pizza party will be held poolside followed by a final team meeting and reflection time. The next morning, the hotel offers a free continental breakfast to its guests. Then the team travels approximately 2 miles to the airport fly home.

How much money should one bring?

We recommend team members bring $100-$200 spending money, depending on how much money they plan to spend on souvenirs, soda, smoothies, etc.. Money should be brought in small denominations. There will be no need to exchange money into Jamaican currency. A challenge will be given to each team to help meet a need of a local Jamaican family.  At the Harmons' Craft Night we accept checks for crafts and the challenge, so participants should bring one or two checks for this reason.

The exchange rate is currently 110 Jamaican dollars (known simply as J's) to the US dollar; however, the exchange rate can change every day. Again, there is no need to exchange money, as American money is widely accepted throughout the island.