Students Eligible for Sponsorship

  • Chevaughn BrownSupport Online

    Chevaughn was born on December 7, 2013.  He attends Ramble Basic.  Chevaughn lives with his older brother and Grandmother. He is a friendly, sweet little boy who loves to play and watch TV. 

  • Dauntay BrownSupport Online

    Dauntay was both on August 27th, 2012. He attends Ramble Basic in pre-school and will be in grade 1 in the fall.  Dauntay is a shy little boy who lives with his little brother and grandmother. 

  • Shamoya MckenzieSupport Online

    Shamoya Mckenzie was born on September 13th, 2014 and attends St. Jago Basic School.  Shamoya is a shy but sweet little girl who loves the color red. She enjoys playing with friends and watching cartoons. 

  • Akilah LewisSupport Online
    Elementary School

    Akilah Lewis attends Ramble Primary School currently in grade 5. She was born on October 6, 2007 and has one sister.  Her favorite color is orange. She loves to play hopscotch. Her favorite subject is Mathematics. She wants to be a nurse in the future. 

  • Jaheem JonesSupport Online
    Elementary School

    Jaheem Jones attends Ramble Primary School and is currently in grade 3. He was born on February 22, 2009. His favorite color is red. He loves to run and play football (soccer). His favorite subject is Mathematics. He has three brothers.

  • Devaun MartinSupport Online
    Elementary School

    Devaun Martin attends Harmons Primary School in grade 5.  He was born on February 8, 2007. His favorite subject is Mathematics. He loves to ride a bicycle. He has one brother.

  • Gabrell AnnifordSupport Online
    High School

    Gabrell Anniford is attending Porus High School in grade 7. She was born on June 11, 2004. Her favorite subjects are Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. Her favorite colors are red, pink, purple and blue.

  • Ashley YoungSupport Online

    Ashley Young attends UTECH (University of Technology).  She is currently studying Business Administration in her 1st year. She was born on June 6, 1997. She is a smart, pleasant, young lady with high standards.  

  • Shantel FennelSupport Online

    Shantel Fennel attends the College of Agriculture and Science and Education (CASE) and is in her 3rd year (program is 4 years). Her major is Plant Science. She was born on December 9, 1991. She enjoys reading and doing research projects. Her favorite color is blue. She has four siblings. She plans on having her own greenhouse project here in Harmons.

  • Liesagaye HyltonSupport Online

    Liesagaye was born on October 19, 1995.  She is studying to become an executive secretary at Stony Hill Heart Academy.  It is a level four course that will take one year to complete.  Her monthly need is $100.

  • Stacy-Ann GriffithsSupport Online

    Stacy-Ann Griffiths attends Northern Caribbean University and is in her second year of studying Nursing. She was born on February 25, 1996. She is a lovely young woman who has big dreams.

  • Marjorie SimpsonSupport Online

    Marjorie Simpson attends Knox Community College in her second year of studying Teaching at the Primary Level. She was born on October 21, 1993. Majorie comes from a family of women in teaching professions. She is a bright but shy young lady. 

    Partial Sponsorships are students who have sponsorship, but not all of the funds have been raised. By selecting a partial sponsorship student, you have the opportunity to support a student with less of a financial commitment.

  • Natasha RoseSupport Online
    Partial Sponsorship
    Natasha's birthday is January 30, 1996.  She is in her third year doing undergraduate coursework at the University of the West Indies part-time studying psychology. She likes track and field.  She needs an additional $50 a month to complete her sponsorship.
  • Shanice GivansSupport Online
    Partial Sponsorship

    Shanice is a pleasant young lady who is continuing her studies in at Career Academy.  She is working towards getting her diploma in Nursing: Level 3.  

    She needs $100 a month to complete her sponsorship.  

  • Andrea CarridiceSupport Online
    Partial Sponsorship

    Andrea is attending CASE Portland College and needs $25 a month to complete her sponsorship.

  • Cara Gay FullerSupport Online
    Partial Sponsorship

    Cara Gay is attending Church Teacher's College in Mandeville.  $25 a month will complete her sponsorship.