School Sponsorship

Send a Child to School
Because of the extreme poverty in the community where we live and work, many parents get caught in a decision between sending their child to school and buying food for dinner.  
Why do Jamaican students need money for school?

School in Jamaica is free.  However, there are no transportation programs in Harmons.  The closest high school is 7 miles away. Sponsoring a child will enable him/her to pay taxi fare to and from school each day, buy lunch, purchase necessary books and supplies, and obtain his/her school uniforms and shoes.  

What does a sponsor receive when you support a student?

We collect grade reports every semester which are forwarded to you so that you may track your student’s progress.  We also request that the student write to you twice a year and enclose a photograph (although many find it difficult to provide a photo).  You can be involved in the community of Harmons by providing hope to its children and families in the midst of mass unemployment and widespread illiteracy.  Won By One To Jamaica does not take out any overhead expenses from your gift - and your entire donation is tax-deductible.
 The costs are as follows:
                 College: $150 per month
                 High School: $100 per month
                 Elementary School: $40 per month
                 Preschool: $25 per month
These fees help equip the student with the basic and minimum requirements for attending public school in Jamaica.  Unlike our own public schools in the United States, a full school uniform and appropriate shoes are mandatory.  Also required is a backpack, books, lunch and snack money.  Often not having simple supplies like pencil and paper can prevent a child from attending school, which creates the mother’s crisis of deciding on whether to buy pencils or rice.  These above prices also reflect the varying distances students must travel to get to school. 

How we determine who’s eligible for sponsorship?

Students must maintain a C+ average and be a student in good standing at their school.  We collect grade reports at the end of every semester.  Furthermore, families are evaluated so that only those with the greatest financial need are eligible.
How to sponsor a student

Just contact us!  We’d be glad to connect you with a student in need of your help.  Send Linda an email to  You can also find a student online that you want to sponsor and make your first donation right here on our website by clicking "Support Online" next to the child you want to sponsor.