Summer Staff

In the summer of 2002, Won By One To Jamaica began hosting mission teams predominately comprised of high school students from all over the country. Because these weekly programs and activities are more developed than a typical trip other times of the year, up to eight Summer Staff members have the opportunity to help facilitate this ministry throughout the summer.

Each year, we accept qualified college-age students who are willing to commit to eleven weeks of ministry in Harmons. Summer Staff serves both the community of Harmons and the student teams who come on our summer trips. 

What are requirements to be eligible for Summer Staff?

You must:

  • Demonstrate a heart for ministry
  • Be at least one year out of high school
  • Complete an application and three references must be received
  • Complete a personal, face-to-face interview

If an applicant is accepted, a minimum amount of $2,500 must be raised to help cover summer expenses.

The minimum amount you must raise will cover: roundtrip airfare, all transportation for the summer, all meals in Harmons and travel days, construction materials, all accommodations in Harmons and in Montego Bay, expenses related to the Summer Staff mid-summer retreat, short-term mission insurance for the duration of the summer, educational supplies. 

If more than $2,500 is raised and you complete the summer in good standing, you have the option of donating all or part of it to Won By One To Jamaica programming or banking it for a future trip.

What does Summer Staff do?

Summer Staff is involved in a variety of activities including programming, facilitating serving projects, organizing intentional ministry opportunities, working closely with community members, developing personal ministry with Jamaicans, and assuring that groups are receiving the highest quality experience. Therefore, it is crucial that we have staff members who are self-starting, highly motivated, striving for excellence, and committed to Christ.

Will there be full-time Won By One To Jamaica Staff in Harmons?

Yes. Full-time Staff will live in Harmons and direct the project throughout the summer.

What are the commitment dates for Summer Staff?

The dates are May 28 - August 13, 2017. The Summer Staff travels at the start of the summer for training and development with the first summer team arriving on June 4. The Summer Staff will also have several days of debriefing before returning home. The option will be given to each Summer Staff to remain until the final summer group leaves.

Orientation week will be dedicated to job orientation, acclimation to Jamaican culture, preparing for the groups, and team building.

What type of personal ministry will I be involved with while in Jamaica?

Besides facilitating ministry opportunities for students and adults, each Summer Staff member is required to spend an extensive amount of time with a local Jamaican in a mentoring relationship as well as being mentored by a Jamaican.

What do I do next?


Contact Bryan Fellers at for additional information.

Complete the Summer Staff Application.

Distribute the Summer Staff Reference to both:

  • Past Employer (even if it was a volunteer position)
  • Peer (someone who knows you well who is not related or involved in a serious relationship with you)

Distribute the Summer Staff Spiritual Mentor Reference to a spiritual mentor who is presently involved in your spiritual life.

After your completed application and three references are received, we will arrange a time and place for a personal interview.