Medical Serving Opportunities

The goal of Won By One To Jamaica's medical emphasis is to not only treat the physical needs but to help meet the spiritual needs of the community as well. We aim to share the love and blessings of Christ with the people of Jamaica. Medical team members often leave Harmons refreshed and with a renewed love for practicing medicine.

Over the years, Won By One To Jamaica has tried to bring some medical and dental relief to the Harmons area, but it is now becoming a regular and organized practice. Our Medical Coordinator, Elizabeth Wright, has been leading groups of medical and dental professionals to Jamaica over the past several years. The teams have held organized clinics in Harmons and the surrounding areas. These medical teams are composed of doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, physical therapists, dentists, and anyone else who may or may not have medical experience.

Common conditions that are treated are high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and common colds. Dentists are able to do teeth cleaning, repair and extraction. A high priority is placed on actually getting to know the patients and connecting with them on a personal level. 

When a team comes across a Jamaican with a more serious medical or dental issue, they do their best to meet the patient's needs.  Sometimes this involves other Americans and their resources.  


Clinics are held in various types of buildings such as churches, government clinics and community centers. Around 200 men, women and children can be evaluated and treated each day. Usually the teams have the resources they need to treat most physical conditions they encounter. In addition, the team members have the unique opportunity to spend some extra time with patients, talking with them about their lives, as well as their faith. Each team member is encouraged to take the time to talk with their patients, and pray with them at the clinics. In turn, the lives of both the Jamaicans and the Americans are touched in a very special way.

Can I help? 

The medical needs in Jamaica are basic, but widespread. There are very few resources for medical assistance in the rural areas. Therefore, Won By One To Jamaica does their best to identify and meet the needs as they arise. The needs vary from medications to medical equipment to educational material. A formulary of medications has been developed by the ministry, but no one should bring prescription medications to Jamaica without us asking you to bring them. In creating this list, consideration was given to the expense of the drug, its effectiveness, as well as its availability in Jamaica. The drugs that teams administer are either donated or purchased from not-for-profit organizations. Fortunately, many conditions presented in our clinic can be treated with over-the-counter medications. There is also a great need for basic medical supplies in order to provide quality healthcare to the many patients seen while in Jamaica.

How can I get involved?

If you would like information about when our next medical trip will be held, please contact Wendy Hall at  She will refer you to our Medical Coordinator, Elizabeth Howard, if necessary. 

We greatly appreciate the donation of any of these supplies.  Please contact us with questions regarding medications and supplies not listed. 

Medications and Supplies needed
Aspirin 81mg
Cough meds
Cold Meds (Adult/Child)
Infant OTC meds 
Multivitamins (Prenatal/Adult/Child/Infant)
Iron Tablets 
Antacids: Tums/Prevacid/Maalox
Anti-fungal creams
Hydrocortisone cream
Anti-itch creams
Muscle rub
Triple-antibiotic ointment (i.e. Neosporin)
Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing alcohol
Dandruff Shampoo (i.e. Head and Shoulders)
Toiletries: shampoo/soap/baby powder/body wash/lotion
Band-Aids/gauze/dressing supplies
Cotton balls
Alcohol wipes
Adult and child diapers
Blood sugar monitors and test strips
Medication bottles (for liquids and pills)
Plastic Ziploc bags
Brown paper bags to transport medications home in 
Labels for medication bottles
Pens/Permanent markers
Orthopedic equipment (walkers, canes, wheelchairs, crutches, etc.)

Dental Needs

Tooth brushes
Tooth paste
Extraction tools
Cleaning tools
Dremel attachments