Economic Development

Despite having a healthy and highly motivated workforce, the Harmons Valley finds itself lacking employment opportunity. Approximate 2 out of every 3 people in Harmons are underemployed.  When jobs are available, they are often temporary, lower paying, and require costly transportation outside the community.  Although Won By One To Jamaica hires around 50-75 people each week, those positions only occur when American teams are present in the community.  Won By One To Jamaica is actively involved in creating full-time employment that both benefits the community as well as being self sustaining.

Blessings In Store

Harmons very own thrift store opened in the summer of 2011 and employs 4 Jamaicans through out the year. Store merchandise is provide by team members who bring donated items when they come for the week. These donations are sorted, prioritized, and then placed in the store, the community's only place to gently used and sometimes new items.  The store is open year-round, run completely by Jamaicans, and offers affordable individually-priced items to the community.


Our four 60' x 300' greenhouses began operation in the spring of 2009 and are filled with thousands of pepper, tomato, lettuce, callaloo and other vegetable plants.  They produce hundreds of pounds of vegetables each week, which are sold to local brokers and when run efficiently turns a profit for the greenhouse, The greenhouses produce year-round are also run completely by Jamaicans.  They supply full time jobs for several Jamaican families.